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Market Access

Market Access

The market access process can be both long and time consuming. With the right plan and timely advice, we can shorten and streamline the process for your company.

We design and implement a market access process for companies, who want to commerce with the public sector on the national or at the municipality level. We know that opening a new market is tricky and takes time, but it is doable. We plan and execute the entire process from the initial analysis to the final proposal.

We have the knowledge and the network that enable us to provide your market access program. Our core competency lies within Europe, but we have the capability, capacity, and network to go global. If you need market access, we design a process that start with a short analysis of your market potential and we outline a time frame for the entire project. In this work we draw heavily on our Public Affairs tools and supplement them with experience in sales, events, and communication.

With our roots in Denmark, we have a deep understanding of the Danish market. In partnership with our associated company, kommunalt.dk a site specialising in the municipalities, we can be your agents to unlock the municipalities all over Denmark.

Jacob Lund
Head of Public Affairs

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Jacob Lund
Jacob Lund
Henrik Hahn-Nissen, CEO and Founder
Henrik Hahn-Nissen
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