The municipal market


Each year the Danish municipalities purchase goods and services for more than one billion Danish Kroner from private companies. That makes the municipalities an important market for the companies. Despite this fact, many companies experience that it is complicated to get in dialogue with the municipalities and thereby get access to the municipal market.

Through many years of working within the municipal sector, Influenter has gained the required knowledge, the experience and network to understand the municipal sector. One of the fundamental parts of our counselling is that we support the companies with knowledge about the municipalities, we compose analysis and do research in order to develop realistic business models tailored to our customers and the municipal market. We advice on how to contact a municipality and at what level. Influenter prepares the company on the meetings with the municipality and if required we also participate in the meetings.

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Influenter helps companies to access the municipal market through analysis of the individual municipalities. Influenter has an in-depth knowledge of the municipalities’ annual cycle of work, priorities and budgets, as well as how to interpreted and understand the municipalities’ reports and recommendations. Based on our knowledge on the municipal system, we prepare the analysis for the individual company of its potential, the possible competitors and which municipalities the company should engage with. In collaboration with the company we establish an action plan with timelines on how the company begins a good and constructive dialogue with the municipalities.

Sustainability Barometer

Influenter is assessing the municipalities’ performances in relation to sustainability. We inquire if they have a sustainability strategy, whether it is implemented or not, to what extend the local politicians believe that enough is being done within the area of sustainability in their municipality; whether the strategy is far-reaching enough. We will write updates and news about the sustainability of the Danish municipalities.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

The National Association of Municipalities has issued a guide on which of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals the municipalities should implement and work on. As the Sustainable Development Goals gain ground the significance of promoting and highlighting the right goals becomes more important to the municipalities. For this reason we help our customers to make sure that they are working on the goals that are selected for the municipalities.