The International Market

Bridging the EU and the Asian marked

In cooperation with a number of other companies, Influenter has specialised in helping companies enter the Asian market. Through our offices in New Delhi, Kuala Lumpur and Dubai we are ready to help companies enter this exciting market. Together with strong local capacities, we focus on among others India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and Malaysia.

Through decades, our partners have built a solid network among both politicians and businesses. We advise companies on how to enter the market and help them identifying relevant business partners. The first step for us is a market analysis of the customer’s product to identify if there is an actually market for the customer.

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Get succes in Denmark

We have acquired several strategic international partners over the years, and together we have developed a complete concept to support foreign companies doing business in Denmark.

We provide counselling and guidance in everything from law, partnerships, political friends, communication, establishment etc. In short, we have gathered expertise on almost everything a new company needs to know to be established in Denmark. This is to ensure that more people are successful in the Danish market and to secure more jobs in Denmark; in short, to create growth in Denmark.

The group behind the concept provides experience-based advice, as we do not believe that new companies should make the same mistakes that others already have made.