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Strategic partnerships – how do you create them and with whom?

When a company wants to enter into a strategic partnership, it’s often not enough just to pick up the phone and call the other company and ask. Many factors play into a strategic partnership; it’s about finding the right company and finding the right person in the company to talk to. This is exactly what Influenter can help with, as we know the business world, and we know how to identify the right decision makers. That is why our customers often use Influenter to take the initial conversation with another company about the potential for a strategic partnership. Such a conversation is often done at the executive level to ensure the necessary endorsement in the company. The purpose of the introductory meeting is partly to investigate whether there is potential for cooperation and partly to identify the expectations that the parties have for each other and for the cooperation to ensure a common understanding, before the two parties meet for further negotiations.

For example, it may be a municipality that has a tender that a company is interested in, but which it will not be able to manage alone. In such a situation, Influenter is used to identify suitable partners who may be part of a consortium that will be able to bid on the tender. This is not only relevant in connection with a billion tenders, as we also advise companies on tenders below DKK 10 million.

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Strategic Partners

How do you get your business plan streamlined and turned into practice?

Many companies have the product and they have the target group, but they do not know how to link the product and the market. It may be that the product or pricing plan needs to be adjusted to the target audience or that the communication for some reason does not reach the target audience. These are challenges that Influenter gives advise on to companies on a daily basis. We help the company transform the business plan into a roadmap that the company can subsequently execute. In short, we ensure that the company converts its plans into action.