Henrik Hahn-Nissen

Special adviser and CEO

Henrik Hahn-Nissen has founded several companies including Meet over Coffee (an international professional business network), (Web TV channel for politicians), and Influenter.

He is special adviser and the CEO of Influenter where he advises companies in several industries and he is often seen in the halls of the Parliament. Over the years, Henrik has built up a powerful political network.

If a company wants to influence the relevant decision makers, Henrik is able to open the right doors through his commitment and great passion in politics combined with his innovative mindset.

Anders Johansson

Senior Adviser

Anders Johansson has a background in the maritime industry, such as ship-owner, investor, entrepreneur and self-employed from which he has gained a strong commercial insight. Over the past ten years, Anders has been politically engaged both in municipal and national politics, among others he has been Deputy Mayor and is former member of the Parliament, where he served as spokesman on trade and industry. Anders is accustomed to operating in the political world at the top level with ministers, mayors, special advisers, members of Parliament, and senior officials.

Anders is ready to assist with serious lobbying. His timing in relation to the political agenda as well as good relationships with the right decision-makers is crucial to success.

Bente Abildstrøm

Senior Adviser

Bente Abildstrøm is a cand.jur. from the University of Copenhagen in 1978 with a subsequent 8-week executive education from the Management College (KIOL) in 1989.

She has more than 30 years of management experience from municipal, county, state and semi-professional positions as municipal director, HR manager and chief executive officer. She has recently been Head of Administration at the National Institute of Public Health at the University of Southern Denmark. In her other appointments, she has participated in the definition and implementation of strategy and goals. She has also been responsible for managing projects concerning Organisational development and change management. The positions as Head of Administration included: Responsibility for the company’s finance, HR, IT and Law (supply and contracts).

She has always focused on the necessity of administrative units efficiently supporting the core business areas.

Dorthe la Cour

Senior Adviser

Dorthe la Cour is a qualified lawyer and journalist and has many years of experience in Danish local and regional policy. She has worked in manufacturing companies, interest organisations, at universities and with advisory companies. With more than 20 years of experience in politics, she has had the opportunity to work with all aspects of public administration. Also, she has served in several boards including Vestforbrændingen and Mødrehjælpen.
A combination of experience and commitment makes Dorthe a unique candidate to advise companies that wants to sell to the public.

Senior adviser Dorthe La Cour builds the bridge between the company and the municipality market – the company maintains it.

Ulla Agerskov

Senior Adviser

Senior adviser and educated cand.scient.pol. from Aarhus University in 1987 with further education from the University of Southern Denmark and the 5-city executive education.

Since then, she has been employed in several Danish municipalities – the past 15 years as CEO. Ulla Agerskov has extensive experience in most municipal tasks including thorough knowledge and experience in management, organisation, development processes and change, policy making processes, and the cooperation of the municipal sector with private companies.

She also served as a CEO for implementing the municipal reform and complete a merger of two municipalities. As CEO, she has thus been responsible for the supply of assignments and the conclusion of contracts with private companies, thereby gaining profound knowledge of how good cooperation between the public sector and private companies is established.

Through her long municipal career, Ulla has a powerful network in the municipal world and can assist companies with knowledge of how the municipal administration and political organisation work.

Christina Flindt Bach

Head of Contact

Christina Flindt Bach has a solid sales experience, and she has been school board member for more than nine years, where she has been part of the hiring committee of both teachers and new school leaders. This has given her a good understanding of the political world.

Over the years has Christina built up a solid network in several industries. She has been involved in running a family-owned business, where she was responsible for negotiating purchase agreements and participating in customer events. Most recently, Christina has worked on major project sales.

It is the understanding of the tension between sales, the public system and the understanding of project sales that makes Christina able to advise our customers on how they get the public sector as a customer.

Jawarhar Lal Matu

Director for the International Market

Jawarhar has a background as an engineer, and he has more than 30 years experience in bridging the Danish and Asian markets, from which he has gained a great experience within engineering, telecommunication and other industries (pharmaceutical, energy, and furniture industry).

He has been international director and project manager for numerous companies, with this experience and his background, he can assist with identifying outsourcing partners, investors at home and abroad, and provide advice on import and export between Denmark and Asia.

Among his network he has a lot of contacts within industry and commerce, as well as at political level both within governments and embassies. In addition, Jawarhar has been president of the Indian Danish Chamber of Commerce. His insight in and knowledge of the Asian culture is invaluable, when opening the Asian market to Danish companies. His participation in multiple Danish business delegations to India has further strengthened his political and business network, in particular between India and Denmark.

Anne-Sofie Zonkjer

Head of Communication

Anne-Sofie comes from the Politikerkanalen as Head of Marketing; where she among other things was responsible for the day-to-day operations, campaign management, planning, newsletters, social media, and producing interviews and podcasts.

Previous she worked as project leader at CAS, where she maintained websites, advised customers, developed texts and layouts for advertisements and webpages. She was manager for campaigns on social media (development of texts and layouts, identification of market segment, budgets etc.). Furthermore, she was project leader for multiple customers’ web solutions, responsible for GDPR, and giving lectures for the customers.

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