Political representation of interests


When Influenter provides a political analysis for our client; we always start by identifying who are the right politicians to go to? Who do we think will be able to support us? A company has only one or a few opportunities to identify the right political approach. If they fail this or the timing is wrong, then an otherwise good case can actually be lost.

Every customer has his or her case, and every case has its course. Therefore, Influenter tailors its advice and guidance to the individual customer to ensure the most optimal advice for this particular customer. Influencers work on many different types of cases; it may be the progress of a small local public procurement that a customer is not satisfied with, or it may be a licence that extends, or something with the national legislation that the customer would like to change.

Lobbyism is about political support; about making political friends, because if nobody wants to support your cause, the way to success will be long.

Get in touch

Procurement of contacts

Influenter ensures our customers the connections for them to engage in dialogue with the right politicians. In our experience, the direct meeting is the best way to ensure that a politician will invest political capital in our customer’s case. We prepare our customers for these meetings so they can present their case the best possible way. We believe that our customers should present their cases to the politicians themselves. Who has a better knowledge of the matter than the customer himself?

European Union

Through our Brussels office, we are well connected within the European Union. This enables us to represent our customers’ interests within the EU. For several years we have been building our network and connections in the EU, and it is through this network and our personal contacts that we can make the necessary contact on behalf of our customers.


The daily access to the Parliament has given Influenter a broad and solid network among the national politicians. We always spend a lot of time preparing for the meetings with the politicians in order to ensure that both parties know the reason for the meeting, the topics of the meeting, and most importantly: what do we expect from our political contact and what would the next step be.

Since not all lobbyism is done at the Parliament, we also have a strong network in the Danish municipalities and regions. Together with our customers, we meet up with the local politicians to present the customers challenges or solutions. In short, we are also present in the Danish municipalities and regions.