We create connections between private companies or organizations and political decision-makers.​​

Maturity Analysis – Private Sector

Understanding the parameters

Understanding the interplay between policy, strategy and business is critical to your company’s success. These are the three parameters that are of decisive importance for your results and success in the market. They are interdependent, so when you change your strategy, it will have consequences for both your business plan and your policy line.

Influenter help you make an analysis of the company’s strategy, business plan and political line. We call it a maturity analysis. With it, you get an overview of how mature your company is. At the same time, you get a tool to assess which of the three parameters you must work with in the company to achieve even greater success.

Influenter create results for our clients by helping the client to:

  • prepare a maturity analysis that provides an overview of the connection between the company’s strategy, business plan and political line
  • create an overview of the company’s maturity and thus development potential
  • adapt the strategy, business plan and political line so that they support the company’s overall goals