We create connections between private companies or organizations and political decision-makers.​​

Keld Kristiansen is born Danish, educated in the US, and has lived in Asia for almost 30 years. This has laid the foundation for his extensive cultural understanding essential for his advice and counselling of companies and government agencies that want access and dealings with Asian countries.

Over the years, Keld has worked with the governments of most of the Asian countries as well as with the private sector providing him a unique and valuable insight into the most effective way to establish the basis of doing business in Asia. As Asia is very complex and different in terms of the way to do business, Keld can support setting up road maps and action plans for both governments and businesses wanting to conduct business in the Asian market.

Keld owns several businesses in China, Singapore, and Malaysia, where he currently lives with his family. He has been working in all of Asia representing multiple business interests in many different fields, including Japan, China, and most countries in South East Asia.

Whether you want to expand into Asia with a product, national driven interests, or you have an interest in sourcing of a supply chain, Keld can save you time and money by setting up a tailored action plan based on his knowledge on local condition and market insights.