We create connections between private companies or organizations and political decision-makers.​​

Jacob thinks commercially and operate politically. He has more than 20 years of experience from the advertising and communications industry, active local politician, parliamentary candidate, former regional deputy, and member of the executive committee at Christiansborg, and appointed as chair of the KKR committee. As such, Jacob has a wide network within both business life and in the political arena.

Jacob has worked at marketing agencies, in international companies and as a director within marketing & dissemination of communication resources as partner in his own company for a decade. Jacob knows that networking and insight are crucial, both for legislators and stakeholders. Whether these are local, regional or parliamentary politicians, just as it is important for both NGOs, small or large business operators or research institutions.

He can help with visibility where the political decision-makers look, and identify who to get hold of in order to be able to introduce an organisation, company or product. Jacob helps you see the lay of the land in political terms, either in municipalities, regions or in Christiansborg. Relationships are based on trust, and it is achieved through professionalism and respect. Jacob possesses both, and can help you achieve the same.