Specialists in political advocacy, communication and trade with the public sectors

Jacob Lund

Jacob M. Lund

Director of Public Affairs

Jacob Lund has had communication, strategy, and political advocacy as focal points throughout his professional life. He has often been deeply involved in gaining access to the public market or influencing specific regulation for companies and organisations.

Jacob can translate the complex reality and challenges of customers into a context that suits the relevant politicians and their reality and agendas. He finds the solutions that binds a customer and a politician together.

On several occasions, and in different countries, Jacob has succeeded in changing the attitudes and actions of governments. He has overseen Public Affairs in several countries and knows how to build strong networks across borders. Jacob is an expert in influencing political processes, also at EU level, where he among other things has influenced and shaped an EU directive from start to final implementation in several member states.

Jacob Lund

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