We create connections between private companies or organizations and political decision-makers.​​

Henrik Hahn-Nissen

Special Advisor and Group CEO

Henrik Hahn-Nissen is a special adviser and the CEO of Influenter where he advises companies in several industries, and he is often seen in the halls of the Parliament. Over the years, Henrik has built up a powerful political network, and he has a strong passion for political advocacy.

Henrik has founded several companies and started his first business when he was 14 years old. Throughout his professional life, Henrik has built up a solid business know-how; he has faced most of the challenges himself and has over the years committed most of the beginner mistakes that traders can make. His eminent business understanding enables him to understand the customer’s situation and translate their challenges into a political context. Henrik’s background makes him a strong sparring partner for customers who want to develop their business.

If a company wants to influence the relevant decision makers, Henrik can open the right doors through his commitment and great passion in politics combined with his innovative mindset.

Henrik Hahn-Nissen, CEO and Founder