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Hans Martens

Hans Martens

Senior Advisor

Hans Martens holds a Master of Science specialsing in EU affairs and public administration. Hans works in three areas that are crucial to Europe’s future: energy and climate policy, reforming health systems to make them more sustainable, and finally developing the digital agenda.

From 2002 to 2013, Hans was CEO of one of the leading Brussels think tanks European Policy Center (EPC). Today he continues to work as a senior adviser for the EPC, as well as for the Danish think tank ‘Europa’. He chairs the Coalition for Health, Ethics and Society (CHES), the EPC’s health policy programme.

In addition, he works as an independent consultant on a number of projects in the field of health and energy policies at European level. Founded on his experience with the digital single market from the EPC, Hans has led a project on digitalisation in Europe, including e-health, in the think tank Europe.

He speaks five languages: Danish, English, French, German and Spanish, and is the author of a number of books and articles on, among other things, public administration, monetary affairs, and energy and climate policies. Hans Martens lives in Spain, Belgium and Denmark.

Hans Martens

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