We create connections between private companies or organizations and political decision-makers.​​

Christina has a Master of Arts in International Business Communication from CBS. She began her career with assignments in communications, but her interest in society and politics has led her into the political world.

For a number of years, Christina has been politically active in Gladsaxe, where she lives. Here she has been deputy chairman for Venstre and campaign manager for Henrik Bach Mortensen (V) during KV17 and Member of Parliament Mads Fuglede (V) during FV15 and FV19.

Subsequently, Christina has been employed by Venstres Landsorganisation as an association consultant. Here she had a wide range of work tasks and areas of responsibility, with a particular focus on their support base and associations. She was the lead writer of a completely new membership and volunteer strategy, which she drove around the country to teach the base about. Christina has worked closely with several at the absolute top of Venstre – e.g. as secretary of Venstres Development Committee.

On Christiansborg’s hard floors, she has also been political advisor to Member of Parliament Mette Thiesen.

Christina will strengthen Influencer’s presence in Christiansborg, and with her network in the Danish Parliament and her knowledge of the entire political process, she will be able to strengthen our customers’ benefits. Her great political understanding and communication background is the cornerstone when developing messages and political analyses. It is this experience and knowledge that is now added to our customers and their need for task solutions.

Christina Sahlberg, Seniorrådgiver