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Birgit Schaldemose Norman

Birgit Schaldemose Norman

Head of Public Relations

“Birgit Schaldemose Norman holds a MA in Rhetoric and Film Science and Media Science. She is certified as a strategic communication consultant at the Danish Technological Institute and has been appointed censor in Communication and Media Science at the University of Southern Denmark, the University of Business and Economics, and previously at the Danish School of Media and Journalism.

Birgit has more than 20 years of experience with strategic communication, journalism, copywriting, PR, web, video production, marketing and social media from the Business Center in Greve, the Danish Technological Institute, MEGAFON and TV2 Nord. Her core competency is to help small and medium-sized businesses succeed with storytelling, branding and PR across media and digital platforms.

Birgit teaches companies to communicate professionally with their customers and how to use PR and storytelling as effective marketing and create business value with a content strategy on social media. One of Birgit’s strengths is identifying and communicate the good company story that supports the strategy and the business, even when the topic becomes technical and complex. She ensures that the stories get out in the right media – whether it is in the newspaper, the website, the newsletter, the social media, the Intranet, the ad, the brochure or the annual report.”

Birgit Schaldemose Norman


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