About us

Influenters mission is to represent customers’ interests with integrity and professionalism. We aim to be Europe’s preferred pure lobbying firm and trusted advisor.

We believe that the essence of lobbying – and thus our mission – is to invite to a dialogue by building coalitions that ensure the right connections for the companies that want to talk to relevant decision makers.
Influenter has a number of senior advisers affiliated, who specialise in getting the point across to relevant decision makers. Our senior advisers are experienced politicians and business people who are familiar in the political environment. They have a thorough knowledge of the political, as well as the official, decision-making processes.

At Influenter we work with both commercial and political lobbying within municipalities, regions, the Parliament and the EU. We are experts in municipalities and help companies and organisations understand the municipal market as well as advise on how best to navigate the political system.

Influenter offers

… speaking time

We invite to a strategic cooperation that cannot be established through normal channels. We ensure that your company or organisation gets in direct contact with the relevant decision makers.

… influence

We ensure that your company or organisation is presented with results-creating contacts that can impact your future goals.

… the right connections

We work locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally and support your company or organisation in establishing a wide political network.

… confidentiality

We believe in confidentiality, and we want our customers to trust that all information provided is handled in all discretion. Therefore, we want to highlight our duty of confidentiality to current as well as future customers.

You can read more about Influenter’s confidentiality statement at the following link.
Influenter concurs with the “principles of good lobbying”. You can read more about it here.